Tips to Open an Electronic Safe

Electronic safe is considered as one of the best security that you can use for keeping your valuables. When you compare this electrical safe with traditional dial safe, you will find that it is much more difficult to crack. However, this safe has a weak spot which allows a nimble hand to open it with little fancy work. At this time, this article is going to give you some tips that will guide you to open an electronic safe.

As the first step, you need to look on the back of your safe for bolt openings. It is found that most safes, especially the smaller ones, will also have small openings on the bottom or the back which allow the bolts to be fed through. After that, you have to locate the hole or the holes.

The second step is to hold up the small flashlight to the hole and then peer through it, or you can use the opposite hole in the two-hole-style safe. Moreover, you need to look inside and place the back panel to the electronic element of your safe. It must have a keypad and also some other buttons.

The third step is to search for a slim, long stick which can fit through one of the holes. Coat hanger can become a good option but it may be too large and depend on the safe that you have. If you find that the coat hanger is too large, you can buy the small, stiff roll of wire at the local home-improvement store and use it.

The fourth step is to slide the wire through the hole and then press the red “reset” button on inner keypad. After that, you need to enter the new code on the new code on the pad. You have to make sure that your code is simple and short to remember. Then, you need to press the “set” button that must be next to the “reset” button and you should wait for the pad for giving you a response. The response is usually a beep.

The last step is to enter your new code on the front side of the safe. This can allow you to open the safe easily form the outside.